The Feeding of the 5000 Outreach Foundation


Test. Feeding of the Five Thousand (5000) Outreach Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help to change the world by changing individual lives. We all know the importance of food to human survival and we all know for a fact that there are many persons here in our island, Jamaica, that go to bed hungry every night. Feeding of the Five Thousand (5000) was founded by Jordan Bennett at the age of 17, as he had a deep desire for helping needy persons. In the year 2007, from a survey conducted in Jamaica, poverty was at 14.3%. The last Jamaican Survey of Living Conditions (JSLC) conducted between July 2008 and February 2009 shows that 16.5% of Jamaicans are below poverty level. The level of poverty in the country continues to rise each and every year and there are many persons who go to bed each night on a hungry stomach.

People Fed So Far

Jordan Bennett, CEO/founder of Feeding of the 5000 Outreach Foundation Limited. Jordan Bennett is a young Jamaican male who continues to work fervently in making strides to contribute to nation building. Cultured in an environment in which charity is second nature, Jordan was raised to be compassionate and empathetic, in the same way his grandmother was, as she would prepare large portions of foodstuff and distribute to those without a meal, in the name of community. It was not long before he too had a desire to tend to those in need. The son of producer ‘Mikey Bennett’ and brother, recording artiste ‘Nicky B’, soon heeded to his calling, which was to serve the less fortunate. Several dreams, compassion, faith in his Christian upbringing and simply love, soon saw the manifestation of his desire, as while attending the Kingsway High School he sold JMD $20,000.00 worth of sweets to assist fellow students with graduation expenses. After conversing with friends and relatives in April 2012, the seventeen-year old launched the Feeding of the 5000 (renamed to the Feeding of the 5000 Outreach Foundation Limited) when it was registered).


Jordan for Get Pink’d in support of healing from breast cancer.


Jordan receiving the Prime Minister’s Youth Award for Excellence in the category of Youth In Service

The charitable non-profit organization saw the mass-feeding of one thousand five hundred (1500) persons in the corporate region and several impoverished communities, under the Foundation’s tagline, “Young Jamaicans helping Jamaica.” In March 2012, Bennett was awarded the Prime Minister’s Youth Award for Excellence in the category of Youth In Service. The organization has since has several mass feedings and major events, and continues to strive towards and beyond its target of feeding over five thousand of the nations less fortunate. As Jordan continues to lead his team of volunteers to serve and contribute to helping Jamaica become the place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business, he also strives to uphold the Foundation’s mantra of, “Not just filling bellies, but hearts and souls with love.”

Connecting with the Community

Feeding of the 5000 has been featured in Newspaper prints, Magazines (Local and International, Documentaries, and our local stations such as TVJ and CVM)

The Foundation has been active in countries such as United States, Canada and United Kingston, where persons have arranged various fundraising activities to help support the cause.


Jordan was interviewed by both Prince Harry and Prince William in July 2014 about the foundation, as he was representing Jamaica in a Google Hangout for the Queens Young Leaders Programme.

Our Feeding Programmes Over the Years

After starting in 2012, we are nowhere near slowing down

April Feeding Programme (2012)

In April was the first feeding project, feeding of the 5000 Outreach Foundation did. Where we fed over 250 people in small inner city communities in the parish of Kingston, we gave them a box lunch (chicken and rice), water or juice, and cake. This was just a one off project at this stage. No more feedings was planned to have happened again. But by the unpayable feeling you get when feeding, its addictive.

December Feeding Programme (2012)

On the 23rd of December 2012, Feeding of the Five Thousand (5000) attempted to feed at least one thousand (1000) persons in the parish of St. Andrew, Jamaica. This parish, often considered as a part of the capital city of the island, has a large number of inner city communities. Therefore it was our intention to go into as much of these communities as we can and distribute as many lunches as we can. With the assistance of students from the Northern Caribbean University (NCU), the Rolling Town SDA church, Community leaders, Family, Friends and the Vineyard Town Police Department we were successful earlier this year (2012) and so we believe that we can do it again and do it bigger and just maybe someone won’t go to bed hungry that night. With dedication, love, and a united community effort we believe that we can distribute these one thousand (1000) lunches to change the lives of at least one thousand persons (1000). This was a success where we were able to feed over 1500 persons.

December Feeding Programme (2013)

Last year, on the 22nd of December Feeding of the 5000 Outreach Foundation fed and clothed 1700 homeless and less fortunate all over the areas of Kingston and St. Andrew. With a team of 100 volunteers we were able to accomplish this task.

August 3rd Feeding Day (2014)

On the 3rd of August we had a feeding where we did 500 lunches for both the homeless and the less fortunate persons around the Kingston & ST. Andrew. We had 60 Volunteers come to help with both cooking and the distribution of the food.

December 21st (2014)

On this day we (over 300 youth volunteers) more than just fed the needy. It’s an aim to also share some Christmas love.

There was a Christmas dinner for appoximately100 persons from the nursing home (Golden Age Home. This was held on the grounds of Grafton Studios, which is our base. These persons will be shown real love and will be entertained by some of Jamaica’s best musicians. Gifts will also be distributed.

Over 1900 other needy persons who cannot come to us will be fed in Downtown Kingston, Half Way Tree, Papine, Portmore and Spanish Town, and the communities within. We also had ST. Johns Ambulance came on board to go around to the different communities to give free checkups and free medication to those who can’t afford it.

We were able to reach our 5000 mark, we plan on starting back from 0 at our next feeding day.

January 10th (2015)

On this day Feeding of the 5000 Outreach Foundation did their first ever Grocery Bag Drive, where they went through the communities of Kingston and St. Andrew and St. Catherine and gave 100 unprivileged families a grocery bag that could share between everyone.

April 12th (2015)

On this day Feeding of the 5000 Outreach Foundation had our 6th major feeding to date where we fed 500 homeless and less fortunate persons all over Kingston and St. Andrew and Spanish town. Some of the communities were, Bower Bank, Down Town, Cross roads, Central Village, Spanish Town, and the communities along these different routes. We served baked beans with sausage and rice, with a beverage. We had 63 Volunteers present.