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About Feeding of the 5000 Outreach Foundation

Feeding of the Five Thousand (5000) Outreach Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help to change the world by changing individual lives. We all know the importance of food to human survival and we all know for a fact that there are many persons here in our island, Jamaica, that go to bed hungry every night. Feeding of the Five Thousand (5000) was founded by Jordan Bennett at the age of 17, as he had a deep desire for helping needy persons.

In the year 2007, from a survey conducted in Jamaica, poverty was at 14.3%. The last Jamaican Survey of Living Conditions (JSLC) conducted between July 2008 and February 2009 shows that 16.5% of Jamaicans are below poverty level. The level of poverty in the country continues to rise each and every year and there are many persons who go to bed each night on a hungry stomach.

Our Vision: Stimulating Nations Free from Hunger

People Fed So Far


Through giving and facilitation we work to give hope to those who may feel lost and spread the joy and love of God.